Best minecraft server hosting 2023

Minecraft is a very resource—intensive game that needs the best processors and as much RAM as possible, especially if you plan to install a lot of mods and plugins. Without a sufficient amount of computing resources, you will encounter lags, and this is indisputable.

Alas, some Minecraft hosting companies offer only basic servers that barely cope with the original game and certainly will not pull addons. If you also wanted to play with other people, then you should definitely choose the most careful way: some providers significantly limit the number of players, even on expensive tariffs.

What kind of hosting should I choose for Minecraft, so that decent quality is combined with an affordable price? I tested all the Minecraft hosting sites I could reach and made a rating out of the top six. Read on to find out which hosting is suitable for your needs and tasks.

How we searched for the best hosting for Minecraft

High performance. If the server is “weak”, then the lags will be scarier than your worst nightmares. All the hosting sites I have chosen use fast processors and enough RAM, so Minecraft will not slow down.

Fantastic reliability. Lags are bad, but inaccessible servers are even worse, because due to a server crash, you can lose hundreds, thousands of hours of progress. That’s why I was specifically looking for hosting companies that provide stable availability of their servers.
Fast scalability. When your server becomes more popular with players, you will definitely need more CPU and RAM resources. I have chosen hosting companies that can provide you with access to the resources you need for servers with a growing user base.

Flexibility of settings. Yes, the classic version of Minecraft is not without its charm, but you and your players will lose a lot if you do not install certain addons. I chose hosting sites that allow you to install mods, plugins, and custom files.jars.

Availability. A good server for Minecraft does not necessarily have to punch a hole in your budget. All these hosting companies offer inexpensive and quite affordable rates.

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