Where can I get free hosting with free SSL?

“Free” is always desirable, but it is not necessarily worthwhile in the long term. Allow me to explain:

In conclusion, if you want to operate a test website, don’t expect much from it, and don’t want to put any money in the project at all, free hosting with free SSL may be the way to go!

Limitations of Free Web Hosting:

You usually get what you pay for in life, and web hosting is no exception. If you go the free hosting with free domain path, you should be prepared for certain frequent concerns.

Even the greatest free hosting is prone to instability, which can lead to downtime. Furthermore, ISPs often limit storage space and bandwidth, restricting your site’s development and traffic capability. Your personal or commercial website may possibly be performing slowly.

However, there are situations when you should choose free hosting with free SSL. It may be sufficient for a personal project. The same is true whether you’re honing your web design and development abilities and just want a place to experiment with new ideas.

The good news is that you may try out free hosting and free SSL certificate to see whether it works for you. If you’ve decided to give it a shot, here are some options to consider.


GoogieHost is best in providing free hosting with free SSL certificate. GoogieHost providing 20 GB disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth in their free plan and unlimited MySQL Databases with cPanel access. Also, they are having 99.99% Server Uptime.

GoogieHost also provides a free SSL certificate, which is essential for making your site SEO-friendly. Their hosting is geared for the most recent PHP, MySQL, and extension versions. Cloudflare and Cloud Linux are installed on their servers, which is rare for a free service.

  • The key strength of GoogieHost is that they are offering the SSD Based Cloud Web Hosting service without charging a penny.
  • Googiehost guarantees you 100% free web hosting for life.
  • GoogieHost offers free cPanel. Most free hosting providers don’t offer cPanel, but GoogieHost gives away a free hosting plan.
  • They offer 20GB of SSD disk space for large websites, while 20GB is sufficient for medium and small sites.
  • SSD is a fast storage device that allows for fast transfers. Most web hosting plans only offer HDD, but GoogieHost Hosting gives SSD. Your website loads extremely fast.
  • There are no data transfer limits, unlimited bandwidth
  • Cloud-based servers will speed up loading.
  • Softaculous offers 350+ apps that allow us to install applications like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. All in one click
  • 2 Business email accounts, the free business email account does not come with a hosting plan. However, GoogieHost offers 2 email accounts for no cost.
  • 2 FTP Account
  • Free SSL Certificate, SSL is an essential part of any website. GoogieHost offers free SSL hosting plans
  • Customer Support Available 24*7


000WebHost is one of the most reputable businesses on the list of hosting free services. It is a subsidiary business of Hostinger. Hostinger. 000WebHost is also part of a top ICANN accredited registrars’ firm. It also offers the option of premium as well as free plans for its clients.

000WebHost’s free hosting does not even require a credit card to set up, and you may use it for as long as you like. Furthermore, if you overrun your free plan, you can quickly change to a low-cost Hostinger plan. For your first payment cycle, Hostinger rates start at $1.99 per month.

000WebHost Features:

The primary benefit of making use of one of the 000WebHost free hosting service includes their Data Centres They have global data centres, meaning that when you have visitors from all over the world then you should consider their service of 000WebHost
000Webhost stated the limit of 300MB Disk Space. They do not hide anything, and it’s sufficient to start with and for smaller websites. Who wants an identical website to their profile?
They give 3GB of bandwidth
Cloudflare Protection is much more vital these days. 000Webhost offers these services in their no-cost plans.
99.9 100% guaranteed uptime for the paid plans at 000Webhost guarantee uptime of 99.9%, and will even guarantee for free plans.
1 FTP account
1 MySQL Account
The free website builder, which means that you are able to drag and drag your content and create your brand-new website quickly.
One-click Installer
In this article, I shared my opinion on the best free web hosting and free SSL certificate options available. You have nothing to lose by giving one a try. My top pick in the category of best free web hosting is GoogieHost for its 24/7 live chat support and easy WordPress installation.

Are you looking for free hosting with SSL Certificates? But there are more limitations to free web hosting. The only advantage is that it is free. So better to choose the cheapest hosting plans that provides a free SSL certificate.

Here is a shortlist of the cheapest web hosting provider who provides free SSL certificate:

  • HostGator: HDD storage, Free SSL, Big Brand, and High cost.
  • DomainRacer: Free SSL, SSD hosting with LiteSpeed 21x faster

I would like to suggest DomainRacer web hosting. DomainRacer offers a range of hosting plans at an affordable price, the plans come with a free SSL certificate and amazing hosting features.

They provide unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth, free website backup and migration, website builder, and many. For more detail you can visit their website.

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There are several options for free hosting with free SSL, including:

  1. InfinityFree
  2. 000Webhost
  3. Hostinger (Free plan with limited features)
  4. x10hosting
  5. AwardSpace

Keep in mind that free hosting services may have limitations, such as limited storage space, slow server speeds, and display of ads on your site.

Many web hosts offer free hosting and SSL certificates. Some of the most popular options include:

InfinityFree: InfinityFree offers free web hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth and a free SSL certificate.

000webhost: 000webhost offers free hosting with 1GB of storage and 10GB of bandwidth per month. They also offer a free SSL certificate.

Free Hosting – host without cost: Free Hosting – host without cost offers free web hosting with 10GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth. They also offer a free SSL certificate.

AwardSpace: AwardSpace offers free hosting with 1GB of disk space and 5GB of bandwidth per month and a free SSL certificate.

ByetHostByetHost offers free web hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth and a free SSL certificate.

It’s worth noting that while these hosting providers offer free services, they may have limitations such as slower loading times or fewer features compared to paid hosting plans.

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